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Authenticatie gegarandeerd


Entrupy's Authentication Verification

Gebruik deze tekst om informatie over uw merk te delen met uw klanten. Beschrijf een product, deel aankondigingen of verwelkom klanten in uw winkel.

Entrupy Authentication has a 99.1 percent accuracy rate.

Entrupy’s technology was developed by a highly credentialed team of data scientists including two PhDs, who conducted four years of extensive research in conjunction with New York University. The technology is driven by artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms trained with millions of microscopic images collected from known authentic and fake items. These technologies ensure the solution is completely objective. It never gets tired, it doesn’t have opinions, there are no such things as “bad days,” and it will never let personal feelings interfere with its decisions. And with every item scanned, Entrupy’s database grows and the algorithms get smarter, enabling ever-increasing accuracy.


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